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Lifestyle & Entertainment Software Development

Whether you’re building the next Netflix-like streaming platform or an app for people to connect and have fun together, we can help you by providing the right technology for your project to thrive.

Software Opportunities for Lifestyle & Entertainment


Bring people together with a clever application or website.


Enhance your real-world entertainment business with digital capabilities.


Plenty of niches in this industry still haven’t had a digital upgrade.

Featured work

Redesign & development

NeoTaste - Deals for Foodies

We partnered with a startup from Germany that aims to provide foodies with more opportunities to enjoy a visit to a restaurant.

Technological innovation in the Lifestyle & Entertainment industry

The first and most obvious area in this industry is games. Mobile, PC, console, and web games are a standard form of entertainment and social connection for the digital generation. Streaming services, content hubs, and social media are other examples of places where we all spend a significant part of our days. But this barely scratches the surface of the wide world of digital lifestyle and entertainment solutions. Pretty much any type of service provider in this industry can become, in one way or another, digitized. Consumers have come to expect all businesses to have apps or websites that make it easy to browse your offer and buy from you.
It simply doesn’t make sense to have a 100% real-world business without a digital presence anymore. People won’t be able to find you nor learn about you, and you’ll probably have to close shop after a while. Customers are won online nowadays, and most sales happen there as well. Something as simple as a well-designed website or a convenient app to order and pay through can be a huge power-up for your company. Everybody’s looking for cool things to do and new, exciting experiences. With the right technology, you can make your business visible, and entice people to come to you instead of your competitors.

Our approach

Discovery workshop

Validate your idea from a technological and business perspective with our experts.

UI / UX Design

Our talented designers can make any interface beautiful and usable.

Web development

Experienced developers will craft any web application you need.

Mobile development

Our mobile development experts build apps that are lovely, fast, and secure.

Custom development

Tailor-fit software combining bleeding-edge tech and your existing infrastructure.

Tech consulting

We can help you choose the optimal technology to build your product.

Quality assurance

Extensive testing will ensure that your software is operation-ready.

Pasibus: website and mobile app for a restaurant chain

We partnered with (probably) the best burger makers in Poland to create their website and mobile app. The Pasibus crew can now easily manage all their menu information, news, locations, and other content on both platforms. The mobile app also includes a calculator that helps the users see the macro-components and calories they consumed.

How to grow revenue with technological innovation

It’s about the little things. An app that’s cuter and more convenient than the alternatives. A website that makes it super easy to order food or schedule an escape room. A mobile game that’s engaging and offers people a fun way to find new friends and compete with them.

People are very excited to try new things, and your software should make it easy for them to do so. If your app or website is difficult to use, it can be very bad for your bottom line. We’re all used to perfectly convenient, beautifully optimized apps like Facebook or Netflix. This is the standard that you have to aspire to, and not a far-away goal that only the biggest players can achieve.

That’s why it’s crucial to work with a technology provider that knows how to drive value and great customer experience through the smart use and design of software. Your tech should propel your business forward and not be a ball & chain that slows you down and generates costs.

Customers expect great digital experiences

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with your digital presence, but you do have to provide quality, ease-of-use, and convenience (preferably beautiful design as well). This might sound easy, but in practice it’s anything but. Your customers might use one of many browsers, have a weak internet connection, have an outdated mobile device, or they might simply not be technologically proficient. If your app or website scares them away because it’s too complex or poorly designed, that’s a double loss - because of the sunk costs in your tech, as well as the loss of potential income.

Trust and customer experience is built little by little. Don’t try to give your customers everything on a silver plate, focus on the features that they really need in order to make their life easier.

Lifestyle & Entertainment goes on mostly online

Streaming, gaming, and social media are huge. Most of us spend a big chunk of our days on our favorite social platforms, streaming our favorite shows, or playing our favorite games. Some say that we’d be better off in nature and not always in our devices, and to some extent it’s true. However, we like to think that it’s much better to play something like Animal Crossing with your friends instead of trekking wild forests and encountering a real bear on your path.

Plus, technology makes everything much more convenient. Want to try that delicious meal that your friends have been talking about, but you can’t leave your home office because it’s crunch time? Just order it in. Bored on a long bus ride? Read a book on your phone, or watch a show, or play a game. If you’re the type to meditate and look out the window during long trips, you’re still probably listening to your favorite tunes while doing that. Lifestyle and entertainment technology is everywhere around us, and it makes our days a little bit better in a rich variety of ways.

People are always looking for new things to do online or on their mobile devices. If you have a great idea for a digital experience, contact us and we’ll build it for you.


Our Clients say

All promised features have been implemented within the initial proposed time frame and budget. (…) They have honoured the specifications, provided valuable feedback, and proposed improvements during the entire project.

Founder and CEO

, Online Travel Agency Startup

Angry Nerds are always eager to work out a solution that will be beneficial for us. They also quickly react to our feedback (…). They’re a supportive business partner, and we’re sure we can trust them with any challenge.

HR Digital Innovations Manager

, International Restaurant Operator (NDA-protected)

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They quickly react to our feedback (...). They’re
a supportive business partner, and we’re sure we can trust them with any challenge.

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My name is Michał, I'm a Co-founder of Angry Nerds. It’s great to see you here! Over the years, we’ve been working on hundreds of innovative software projects across all major industries. In our work, we combine a unique technological approach with a deep understanding of business. Our team is eager to turn your ideas into successful digital solutions.

Michał Błędowski

Co-founder, Angry Nerds

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