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Product Design Workshop

Discover the optimal approach to give value to your users and find an innovative way to drive your business. With a tailored product design workshop, you can verify your idea and specify the project's goals – to finally build an application with a clear purpose and a solid strategy.

Before a workshop

Why product design is important

You have a great idea for a digital product and want to see it in production as soon as possible – hence, you decide to leave product design aside and skip ahead to development. That’s all very well, but it’s like wishing a tree would grow without its roots! Taking such shortcuts can sooner or later lead to failure.

Product design is an essential part of building a successful digital solution. It can help you concentrate on key aspects of your idea – and build an application with a clear purpose and a solid strategy, not overloaded with redundant features and functionalities. Product design is simply about finding the optimal way to give value to your users and an innovative way to drive your business.

Benefits of Product Design Workshops


Faster... and better!

Product design workshops will help you validate your idea and avoid misinvestments. Clear scope and project roadmap prepared during the session will also considerably speed up the subsequent development process.


Peak creativity

No two ideas are exactly the same. We understand it very well, that’s why we value individual approach. Our cross-skilled team will help you discover what’s unique about your vision and plan a successful digital product strategy.


User satisfaction

We want to create something your users will truly love! Focusing on real-life behavior and preferences of your target group, we can help you shape your digital product to fulfill both your customer's needs and your business objectives.


Turn your vision into reality

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What is a product design workshop

Defining and refining - that's what product design workshops are all about. Put simply, a product design workshop is a meeting – or a series of them – focused on identifying key aspects of your idea, so it can be turned into an up-and-coming software project.

Whether you want to develop a complex digital product from scratch, evaluate and extend an existing one, or build a simple MVP to validate your idea, the workshops might look different – but in either case, they’re extremely valuable. Depending on the character of the project, the major stages of product design workshops may include:

• Discovering the main purpose of the project

• Establishing the essential business objectives

• Identifying the target audience – their needs and problems they face, as well as their key characteristics

• Determining the application’s content, main features and functionalities required for the project to succeed

• Setting priorities and defining the project’s scope and roadmap

• Designing the interactions and information architecture

• Building wireframes and lo-fi prototypes

• Creating initial graphic design or deciding on the general style and principles

Even if you have a vision of some of the aforementioned aspects, product design workshops can help you organize it all, and save time on the later stages of project development. The workshops play also an important role in relevant project estimation. With a clear-cut roadmap for your product development, we can divide the whole process into phases and properly assess the time and budget required for each stage. This way, everything remains transparent and you can have more control over your resources.

Who participates in the workshop

Teamwork makes the dreamwork – it couldn’t be more true when it comes to product design workshops! We will work side by side with you to turn your vision into reality, always according to your requirements, as well as in line with product design best practices, latest trends and UX principles. We can help you shape and design your product, but also choose the optimal technology stack to make it a reliable tool for your users.

As always, the final team composition depends on the character of the project. The participants from our side are simply experts in product design and development. This cross-skilled team usually consists of a Business Analyst or a Project Manager (or both), one or more UX/UI designers, and senior-level developers.

The individual and interdisciplinary approach assures valuable input to the project and coverage of its critical aspects. Such an exchange of knowledge and experience, combined with your vision and business goals, can result in nothing else but a successful digital product strategy.

The advantages of product design workshops

The benefits of product design workshops are simply endless. First and foremost, validating your idea before building a full-fledged product can help you save both time and money, avoid failed investments and assess possible risks (which is always important, but especially in tough industries like Healthcare or Automotive). Thanks to the creative process and collaborative brainstorming you can verify your initial assumptions, clarify goals and get tailored recommendations.

Preparing a clear and precise description of the project’s scope and roadmap beforehand also speeds up the development process, which means you will be able to get your product to the market faster, without risking its quality. Moreover, meeting with the team in person and working hand in hand on the application is a great way to build a meaningful business relationship and maintain transparent communication throughout the project.

Digital transformation and strategy

Going digital is no longer a choice – it's a must! We can support your company on the way to digital transformation and build a profitable strategy for your business. We can help you move your services to the digital world and create a bespoke digital product your users will love.

In order to reach your customers faster, we can focus on a Minimum Viable Product that will bring value to your users and allow you to test your business plan at the same time. With a quick development process, you can get ahead of your competitors and gain a significant advantage. Moreover, showing your vision in action, as a real product and no longer just an idea can attract investors. And it’s only the beginning!

In the fast-paced market, it’s essential to rely on an expert-level team that is also flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances. Book a product design workshop with us and discover your road to success!


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I’m very impressed with the UX/UI design team. They’ve done an excellent job, and comparing their skills with other companies I had worked with over the years, I can definitely say that Angry Nerds are experts when it comes to user interface applications.

Project Leader, Electronics Design and Manufacturing Company

The flexibility and communication skills of the Angry Nerds team are impressive. A profitable and successful long-term partnership has resulted from Angry Nerds consistently delivering reliable, quality, on-time products.

Alexander Peschke, Owner of Peschkedesign

Their design skills are top-class. Angry Nerds are a truly committed and experienced team - and they’re simply friendly, so it’s a real pleasure working with them. They’re easy-going and at the same time strongly involved in everything they do.

Product Owner, Automotive Processes Company

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Do we work with NDAs?

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Yes, we work with NDAs. We maintain professionalism and uphold the confidentiality of our collaboration. If you need to safeguard the information you provide us for the purpose of creating a product, we are here to help. Additionally, our software development team ensures a secure and efficient process.

What industries do we have experience with?

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Over the past few years, we've designed and developed custom solutions software for a diverse range of industries. These include healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail, travel, transportation, real estate, FMCG, education, fitness, lifestyle, and more. We have experience collaborating with startups, SaaS companies, and enterprise-level organizations. You can find examples of our work in our portfolio.

Do we transfer copyrights to the projects we develop for you?

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Certainly, the code we generate essentially becomes your property. We are ready to formalize this through a contract that secures the transfer of intellectual property to you.

Can we take over a project developed by another company?

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Absolutely! We're more than willing to take on such projects. However, our initial step would involve analyzing the project in order to provide you with recommendations on how to proceed. We are open to embracing such challenges, especially when it comes to implementing custom solutions.

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