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We can support your business goals with scalable Cloud and Software-as-a-Service solutions running on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.



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As a non-technical founder, I’ve leaned on Angry Nerds to deliver all aspects of product delivery and support. I feel like a have a truly committed team by my side. (...) I am very satisfied with the quality of their work.

Cyrus Peyrovian, FastAuth Founder

Angry Nerds are always eager to work out a solution that will be beneficial for us. They also quickly react to our feedback (…). They’re a supportive business partner, and we’re sure we can trust them with any challenge.

HR Digital Innovations Manager, International Restaurant Operator

The key characteristic I see in Angry Nerds is their flexibility. They were open to any modifications in the project, reacted quickly to the changing requirements and easily adapted to the new situation. I really appreciate how thoughtful and open-minded they are towards our needs.

Jerzy Lipiński, Co-Founder of Optimatik LLP

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Cloud computing opportunities

Cloud-based software

Cloud applications are accessible anywhere you are and on any device - all you need is an internet connection. Gmail or Netflix are one of the key examples, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cloud-based business software is a huge category that includes e.g. custom ERP platforms or CRM systems.

SaaS solutions

Software-as-a-Service is a type of cloud software usually licensed on a subscription basis, and a cost-effective alternative for smaller businesses to a dedicated cloud computing system. The SaaS app can be accessed via internet, and there’s no need to install or update anything locally.

Cloud advantages

No more manual installations or costly maintenance! Cloud technologies give you instant access to software with its full potential and top-class security, and without the necessity to host, maintain or upgrade it. With cloud solutions, you can also easily scale resources on demand.


DevOps not only automates agile processes, but also speeds up moving from development stage to production, thanks to automation of testing, integration and deployment. Continuous development can directly benefit your business and help you gain competitive advantage.

Digital transformation

Going digital is not a choice anymore - it’s a must, if you want to keep up with the ever-evolving economic circumstances. Allied forces of cloud computing and DevOps can drive your business towards meaningful digital transformation and help you accomplish your goals more effectively.

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Bespoke software

Bespoke enterprise solutions can address even the most specific needs and particular use cases. They can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems or foster a new chapter in the digital transformation of your company, improving your processes, efficiency and business growth.

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How we work

Our approach


We build our business relationships on fairness and transparent communication. We value individual approach, trust and reliability.


As an agile-driven team, we can quickly adapt to changing requirements and new situations. We always look for optimal solutions.


Our workflow is focused on delivering value with every step. Using advanced technologies, we can build reliable and future-proof software.


We will go the extra mile to turn your idea into reality and help you accomplish your goals. We’re your supporters and advisors throughout the project.


Brave ideas inspire us. Our skills have been tested in real battle, and we’re sure we can deliver even the most complex software solutions.

Team spirit

Teamwork makes the dreamwork - for us it’s not just a saying, it’s a truth we live by. Close collaboration with a dedicated team is our standard.


We believe that when it comes to software, nothing is impossible. That’s why we want to develop our skills constantly and get better at what we do.

Got questions?

What kind of pricing models do we offer?

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We offer two standard types of contracts: Fixed Price (FP) and Time and Materials (T&M). It's important to note that while the T&M model generally aligns better with agile software development compared to the FP contract, the choice ultimately depends on the specific project. We are flexible, so feel free to let us know your needs, and we will devise the most suitable solution.

Can we take over a project developed by another company?

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Absolutely! We're more than willing to take on such projects. However, our initial step would involve analyzing the project in order to provide you with recommendations on how to proceed. We are open to embracing such challenges, especially when it comes to implementing custom solutions.

Do we work with NDAs?

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Yes, we work with NDAs. We maintain professionalism and uphold the confidentiality of our collaboration. If you need to safeguard the information you provide us for the purpose of creating a product, we are here to help. Additionally, our software development team ensures a secure and efficient process.

Do we transfer copyrights to the projects we develop for you?

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Certainly, the code we generate essentially becomes your property. We are ready to formalize this through a contract that secures the transfer of intellectual property to you.

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