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At Angry Nerds, we turn bold ideas into digital products. Regardless of the complexity of your project, our extensive tech stack is guaranteed to meet your every need during the software development process.

Technology we work with


Bring out the potential of your backend with .NET, the fastest and most scalable technology available. Build secure and highly efficient digital solutions effortlessly.


Empower developers with the comprehensive toolkit of Angular, designed for creating complex application interfaces across any platform. This isn’t a junior-level framework, but developers who master it can use Angular to build any front end for web, mobile, or desktop software.

React logo

Forge responsive and dynamic front end solutions for your digital products with React, an agile and customizable solution. With React, you can leverage the power of JavaScript to design seamless interfaces.


Drive your applications at unprecedented speeds with Node.js, a choice embraced by tech giants managing large scale online traffic. Create swift and secure applications across platforms – from web to mobile and IoT.


Experience the reliability of PHP, one of the most stable and time-tested technologies for constructing digital products online.

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Empower your users with a custom-made iOS app and see the magic! Apple is the synonym of advanced technology with a human touch.

React Native

Elevate your mobile application development with React Native, a sibling to React designed specifically for mobile apps. Experience reusability, speedy development, and customization as you build applications.

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Opt for Android as the cornerstone of your project to maximize reach and achieve your business objectives.


Unlock the world of cross-platform mobile apps that combine exceptional performance with native aesthetics. When you select Xamarin, you're choosing a path to applications that excel on every platform.

Our tech stack also includes:

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We navigate across different industries


Manufacturing facilities and warehouses take a lot of work to manage. Luckily, software makes it much easier to handle. Save costs and streamline operations with custom software for your business. Maintain product quality, reduce manual work by automation your processes, increase precision and never lose track of your inventory.  


Finance is one of the most challenging areas in software development. If you want to succeed, you must have a high degree of security, flawless UI and UX, and an excellent customer experience.
In order to stay competative, introduce new assets, like cryptocurrencies, into your services. Additionally, enable your customers to access a more with easy-to-use software and offer personalized finance.  


Software in the healthcare industry often combines functionalities from MedTech, EdTech, InsurTech and more. From patient records to disease prediction, there are plenty of opportunities for digital products and services in healthcare.


Software is an essential element in every part of the automotive industry. Equipment manufacturing, vehicle production, driver experience, fleet management, long-term maintenance and repairs.

In the automotive industry, there are so many moving parts — literally and figuratively. A smorgasbord of different vendors and service providers, manufacturers, engineers, designers, repairmen.

The fate of existing companies in the foreseeable future will be determined by how successfully they handle the combination of automotive and IT.


With the sky-rocketing online shopping, technological innovation in e-commerce & retail is key to stay competitive. The right technology will help your business to stay competative, including speed,convenience and automation, which online customers value the most.


The past few years have shown us that remote learning isn’t a novelty, it’s a necessity. From apps that train your employees to massive open online courses, the opportunities are endless. We’re here to help you build your educational software.

Lifestyle & Entertainment

We can help you build the next Netflix-like streaming platform or an app for people to interact and have fun together by offering the best available technologies for your project to thrive.

Travel & Transportation

We can provide the technology you need to excel in the Travel and Transportation sector, including fleet management, recommendation systems, process automation, business optimization, and more.


Explore clients’ testimonials

All promised features have been implemented within the initial proposed time frame and budget. (…) They have honoured the specifications, provided valuable feedback, and proposed improvements during the entire project.

Founder & CEO

, Entertainment Platform

Quality, schedule, cost, and communication were superb. (...)  They exceeded our expectations delivering several features that were not a part of the initially flawed specification. (...) I have almost 20 years of experience and have never been so impressed by all aspects of product delivery and support. For me it is 11 out of 10.

VP of Product and Marketing

, Online Travel Agency Startup

The level of understanding and communication between Angry Nerds and our teams were excellent. There was a real trust relationship built in a short time. (...) Angry Nerds tried to understand us and almost became a part of our team. We even included them in our social events. They were just like our employees.

Adrian Hodgson

, Chairman & People Lead at E-commerce Thinking

The team at Angry Nerds is easy to talk to and cares about their projects, which has led to a valuable long-term relationship. They have the ability to think along with our own team. This is something we ask of each partner, but they've shown it proactively.

Account Manager

, Mobile App Development Company

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Meet the Team

Designers, developers, testers, project managers... But above all – skillful creators, team players, and technology enthusiasts. Bold ideas inspire us, so we can’t wait for the next challenge!

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