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Software Development for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing facilities and warehouses take a lot of work to manage. Luckily, software makes it much easier to handle. Save costs and streamline operations with custom software for your business.

Software opportunities for Manufacturing


Maintain product quality by automating your process.


Reduce manual work and let technology do things for you.


Never lose track of inventory and closely monitor your operations.

Featured work

Redesign & development

Batch manufacturing system

We redesigned, rebuilt, and scaled up a SaaS batch manufacturing system for breweries.

Streamline operations and manufacture with precision

When it comes to manufacturing, precision is one of the most important factors. As technology keeps getting better, it’s easier to be precise in terms of inventory management, the production process, employee management, and supply chain optimization. One of the biggest hurdles for technological innovation in manufacturing is the prevalence of legacy systems. When your company has paid a big chunk of money for a large-scale system, it’s hard to justify switching to a new solution, even when it’s been years since the implementation. Luckily, you don’t always have to re-do things from the ground up. Instead, you can add new parts to your existing infrastructure.

Old systems can be surprisingly resilient and future-proof, but some of their parts can become dated relatively quickly, and technological progress moves extremely fast. Modern digital solutions offer opportunities that were unthought of even a few years ago. For example, IoT and automation software have become a standard in manufacturing companies because production and inventory tracking are much easier when your facility is digitized. New connectivity standards like 5G open up a world of new, extremely fast digital solutions. The key to successful technological innovation in manufacturing is to find the right places to apply bleeding-edge solutions. We can help you do that.

Our approach

Discovery workshop

Validate your idea from a technological and business perspective with our experts.

UI / UX Design

Our talented designers can make any interface beautiful and usable.

Web development

Experienced developers will craft any web application you need.

Mobile development

Our mobile development experts build apps that are lovely, fast, and secure.

Custom development

Tailor-fit software combining bleeding-edge tech and your existing infrastructure.

Tech consulting

We can help you choose the optimal technology to build your product.

Quality assurance

Extensive testing will ensure that your software is operation-ready.

SaaS for batch manufacturers

One of our clients had a working SaaS application for batch manufacturers, but wanted to rebuild it and scale it up. Instead of re-working the existing app, we performed a redesign, and implemented the same idea in a way that enabled the project to grow without technological obstacles. The application is live, and many batch manufacturers use it to optimize their operations.

Technological innovation in manufacturing

Robotics, and automation are the leading trends in manufacturing right now, but they’re not the only technological opportunities. There are many more areas where companies can introduce novel technological solutions to optimize operations, and improve both product quality and the bottom line. When it comes to supply chain management, online marketplaces and exchanges can help companies stay on top of the market—either maintain production flow to keep up with the demand, or slow down when industry conditions change.

Data collection and analytics can be very helpful for managing and optimizing manufacturing facilities. By combining Internet of Things with data analytics, you can gain a complete overview of your operations, down to the smallest parts.

Simulation systems can help you predict issues in your production process before you commit to it. This way you can fix issues in the digital world before they even arise in the real world. Thanks to the rapid progress of machine learning and AI, you can implement systems that will help you predict demand for your products, as well as changing market conditions and potential obstacles in your plans.

HR and financial management become much easier when you have extensive analytics and automation. Employees, subcontractors and suppliers can always get paid on time, and your team can have less manual tasks to attend to.

Employee safety and security in your facilities is easier with new technology. Combine your surveillance system with a machine learning model, and you will get notified the minute something wrong happens, whether it’s a trespasser or a factory incident.

Quality is easier to maintain when you hand over quality checks to digital technology. Sensors combined with extensive software suites built according to your exact requirements make it easy to check product quality, as well as ensure high quality during the production stage.

Combining legacy systems with bleeding edge technology

Most companies already have large-scale systems, but they’re often old and rely on outdated technologies. You might not need to re-do your whole digital infrastructure, but it’s often necessary to innovate in the critical areas of your business. Strategic investments in modern tech can be a great way to drive up profits and optimize operations.

Novel tech can be connected with a legacy infrastructure almost seamlessly when it’s done by experts. The key is to find the areas where you need innovation the most, and implement cost-effective, future-proof solutions.

Use digital solutions to train and support employees in manufacturing facilities

Technology can come in handy in many ways, one of them is employee training and support. With the rise of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions, you can train your team to operate machinery without disrupting operations. Software can support employees in their daily work by notifying them to take a break, reminding them what they need to do, and taking over repetitive tasks so they can focus on other tasks that require a human touch.

On-boarding employees and ramping up productivity is easier with bespoke digital solutions that facilitate quick learning and adaptation to the workplace. Plus, software can keep your staff safe during the production process. With built-in safeguards that protect against human error or turn machines off in unexpected situations, your team can be confident that there won’t be any unfortunate incidents in the workplace.


Our Clients say

What I particularly appreciate is the flexibility - the specification we provided wasn’t complete, it was more of a definition of where we are and where we want to be, so it was clear there would be some changes during the development. Angry Nerds handled it very well.

Project Leader

, Electronics Design and Manufacturing Company

I’m very impressed with the UX/UI design team. They’ve done an excellent job, and comparing their skills with other companies I had worked with over the years, I can definitely say that Angry Nerds are experts when it comes to user interface applications.

Project Leader

, Electronics Design and Manufacturing Company

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They were open to any modifications in the project, reacted quickly to the changing requirements and easily adapted to the new situation.

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My name is Michał, I'm a Co-founder of Angry Nerds. It’s great to see you here! Over the years, we’ve been working on hundreds of innovative software projects across all major industries. In our work, we combine a unique technological approach with a deep understanding of business. Our team is eager to turn your ideas into successful digital solutions.

Michał Błędowski

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