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Do we work with NDAs?

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Yes. We’re professional and keep our cooperation confidential. If you need to protect the information you give us in order to create the product for you, we respect it. Learn more about our approach to NDAs and white-label services in the article on our blog.

Can we take over a project developed by another company?

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Definitely! We'll have to first analyze it to give you recommendations on how to proceed, but we’re open to such challenges.

What industries do we have experience with?

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Over the last couple of years, we've designed and developed software for all kinds of industries, including healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, e-commerce and retail, travel and transportation, real estate, FMCG, education, fitness, lifestyle and more. We have experience working with Startups, SaaS companies, and Enterprise-level organizations. You can see some examples of our work in our portfolio.

What is the team composition in a software project?

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Depending on the project’s scope, we typically propose the following team structure and roles to be present throughout the definition, design, and development phases:

• Business Analyst
• Project Manager
• Senior Developer(s) (incl. a Team Lead)
• Mid-level Developer(s)
• DevOps Engineer
• QA Specialist
• UX/UI Designer

The team can be quickly scaled (up or down) according to the project’s roadmap and additional requirements.

Do we work in accordance with agile principles?

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Sure we do! Our Projects Managers follow the best agile practices and make sure each step we take benefits our client's business. As an agile-driven company, we focus on continuous delivery of valuable software. We usually work in 1- or 2-week sprints that allow us to be flexible towards changing requirements. We cooperate closely with our clients, communicate and run demos regularly.

How we handle long-distance business relationships?

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We've written a whole article on our blog about it - you can read it here, we're sure it will answer all your questions.

Just to cover the matter briefly, we believe that clear communication, top-class time management and flexibility are absolutely essential for a successful long-distance business relationship.

Even though we’re based in Poland, we have offices in the USA (Rochester) and Canada (Toronto) which certainly makes communication with our clients easier. However, the development team works mainly from our headquarters in Wrocław, a beautiful city in south-western Poland. It's 5h ahead of New York, 6h ahead of Chicago, and 8h ahead of San Francisco. And in this case, the time zone differences are on our side, making the work more efficient thanks to what we call a 24-hour development cycle.

How it works? We’re already in the second half of the day when you’ve just started yours. Therefore, we can let you know about the progress we made on your project during the day, you can ask us questions, or we can just catch up on some news. Later, when you finish your workday, you can message us about any issues you found. We’ll take care of it during your night’s rest, so the next day will already begin with progress! This kind of rhythm enables us to push the project forward even faster and help you get ahead with your goals.

What are our rates?

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We approach each project individually, so we need a description of what you want to build to provide you with a reliable cost estimation. Our developers' rates depend on their seniority level, so the team composition for a particular project can also influence the final price. We can start with a ballpark estimate and refine it according to your budget and goals. And of course, all the estimates are free!

Do we transfer copyrights to the projects we develop for you?

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Of course, the code that we create is basically yours. We can sign a contract to make sure the IP will be transferred to you.

Can we host your web solution?

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Yes, we can help you with that. As a matter of fact, we host quite a number of clients' websites and APIs on Azure cloud. We also offer hosting support plans that include monitoring and other services.

What is our tech stack?

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We define the technology stack for each project individually, considering such parameters as performance, security, efficiency, and scalability. We deliver software solutions based on the most advanced frameworks and technologies currently available.

The key technologies we use are: Microsoft .NET, .NET Core, Azure Cloud, Angular, React, Node.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Swift, Xamarin.

On a high-level, our systems are based on a microservices architecture utilizing Docker containers, 
and Kubernetes clusters.

How is the project organized?

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The development process is organized around two-week sprints, with key information sharing, sprint planning, daily stand-up meetings, and sprint reviews. The team has access to modern communication and management tools like Slack and Microsoft Azure DevOps.

On the technical side, we ensure high quality via pull-requests, frequent code reviews, and continuous integration and delivery pipelines. Since the project is going to be set up in an agile way you will be in full control over the scope and budget.

Before the actual development begins the team would work closely together with you to build the platform definition. At the beginning that would involve Business Analyst, Team Lead and UX/UI designer. After the initial backlog has been fully defined and scoped, the development team can start with the implementation.

The entire development process is supervised by our Technical Office that consists of system and solution architects with each member having more than 10 years of experience in IT. This allows us 
to always be in control over the quality and technical direction the team is taking. Technical Office consists of five senior engineers that will have access to the product backlog and will help make the key decisions when it comes to system architecture, solution infrastructure, and third-party integrations.

Where is our team located?

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Our company is headquartered in Wrocław, Poland, and has offices in the USA (Rochester, NY) and Canada (Toronto, ON). Most of our development team is based in Wrocław, with a few people working remotely from other cities. Poland is known to be an excellent IT talent hub, and Wrocław, as one of its major cities, is a go-to place for companies looking for software development partners. If you'd like to meet our team, head to our About page. You can also drop us a message to get to know more about particular roles and see detailed profiles.

What kind of pricing models do we offer?

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We offer two standard types of contracts - Fixed Price (FP) and Time and Materials (T&M). You can read more about the characteristics of both models in the article on our blog.

Remember, once you made the decision about the type of contract, it’s not set in stone. Although we generally agree that the T&M model works better with agile software development than the FP contract, it really depends on a particular project. We're flexible - tell us what you need and we'll come up with the right solution!

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