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Software Development for the Travel & Transportation Industry

Fleet management, recommendation systems, process automation, business optimization and more—if you’re in the Travel and Transportation industry, we can supply the tech you need to excel.

Software Opportunities for Travel & Transportation


Reduce manual tasks and free up your employees to do high-impact work.


Sell more services and drive growth by streamlining business operations.


Provide a deeply personalized experience to your customers and partners.

Featured work

App development

Uber-like application

We built an Uber-like application for a niche market, with a wide variety of innovative features.

Nowadays, there is no Travel & Transportation without software

As Marc Andreesen prophesied, software has eaten the world and it continues to do so. In the Travel industry, customers can’t imagine a world without websites and apps that make travelling as easy as touching your smartphone a few times. When it comes to Transportation, fleet management, route optimization, and supply chain organization would be much more difficult without dedicated software that facilitates easy management of large-scale, global operations. So the issue in this industry isn’t “how to use software?”, but “how to optimize the tech infrastructure to run things even more smoothly?”. If you have an innovative idea, we can help you turn it into a real product.
When you talk about Travel and Transportation software, the first things that come to mind are AirBnB, websites where you can compare travel options, or fleet management software. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. From the bottom to the top, the whole industry runs on ingenious systems that streamline operations so that humans have an easier time doing their jobs. Without these systems, aeroplanes would literally fall out of the sky, travel and delivery would be much more difficult, and the global economy would grind to a halt. However, legacy systems can be cumbersome, so there’s a lot of room for innovation in this industry.

Our approach

Discovery workshop

Validate your idea from a technological and business perspective with our experts.

UI / UX Design

Our talented designers can make any interface beautiful and usable.

Web development

Experienced developers will craft any web application you need.

Mobile development

Our mobile development experts build apps that are lovely, fast, and secure.

Custom development

Tailor-fit software combining bleeding-edge tech and your existing infrastructure.

Tech consulting

We can help you choose the optimal technology to build your product.

Quality assurance

Extensive testing will ensure that your software is operation-ready.

Pasibus: website and mobile app for a restaurant chain

We partnered with (probably) the best burger makers in Poland to create their website and mobile app. The Pasibus crew can now easily manage all their menu information, news, locations, and other content on both platforms. The mobile app also includes a calculator that helps the users see the macro-components and calories they consumed.

Solving Travel & Transportation problems with software

Companies in the Travel and Transportation industry are highly vulnerable to changing market conditions. Rising fuel prices, border restrictions, or global disasters of any kind can destroy the bottom line of even the best-performing business. These situations are largely unpredictable, but there are ways to mitigate the risk. One of these ways is technological innovation.As it is in most industries, today the company with the best tech often wins. This means fundamental infrastructure, like systems for fleet management or online marketplaces for airline travelers—but new technology offers plenty more opportunities. The rise of AI and machine learning will create new ways to manage operations, solve issues, and even predict risky market fluctuations.

Complex and interconnected

In this industry, there can’t be one system to manage everything. It’s not feasible, and it’s not even possible. All companies are a part of a deep, complex, interconnected network of businesses ranging from huge to tiny. This means that you need a lot of business savvy to succeed here, but also that you need an adaptable, future-proof tech infrastructure to stay in the game.Many leading companies demonstrate how to use technology to improve the bottom line. You’ve probably heard of the famous “never turn left” rule at the transportation giant, UPS. It seems like a small thing, but it actually saves huge amounts of money and makes everyday work safer for the huge global army of UPS drivers. But it’s not like they just told their drivers to never turn left. UPS implemented a complex system that calculates the best routes based on the condition to favor right turns.Then there’s everyone’s favorite, Amazon. Perhaps it’s silly to even mention them because no company can match their scale and market coverage. Transportation is just a part of their operations, but they’re still making plenty of innovations in this area. Delivery by drone or same-day delivery are prime (pun intended) examples of this. All of this is made possible thanks to their ingenious use of technology.

Types of software in Travel & Transportation

The industry is vast, and there is a lot of different technology that makes it all tick like clockwork, for example:

• Booking systems
• Travel operations management software
• Customer experience suites
• Personalization systems
• Online marketplaces
• Reservation
• Loyalty programs
• Fleet management systems
• Operation support applications.

Still, this is just scratching the surface. There’s a lot more technology that enables smooth operations and keeps customers, as well as employees, satisfied.

Gaining a technological advantage in the Travel & Transportation industry

It’s not enough to just build a great system or application to gain a competitive advantage. Technology in this industry should be:

• Adaptable,
• Integration friendly,
• Future-proof,
• Easy to maintain.

Due to the vulnerable nature of the industry, tech should also be cost-effective. There are already a lot of risks, so experimenting too much with costly, unpredictable technology can have poor consequences. It’s good to maintain a mix of tried and tested solutions and use bleeding-edge, experimental tools in places where risk is relatively low.  If you’re looking for a technology provider to help you make the right decisions and drive innovation in your company, contact us and tell us about your ideas.


Our Clients say

We really appreciate it that whenever we have any questions, there are always people on the Angry Nerds team ready to answer them. They’re very professional, and we’re satisfied with the collaboration.

Ismet Bachtiar

, Online Travel Agency Startup

The key characteristic I see in Angry Nerds is their flexibility. They were open to any modifications in the project, reacted quickly to the changing requirements and easily adapted to the new situation. I really appreciate how thoughtful and open-minded they are towards our needs.

Jerzy Lipinski

, Co-Founder of Optimatik LLP

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They were open to any modifications in the project, reacted quickly to the changing requirements and easily adapted to the new situation.

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