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Homedot: Disruptive Real Estate App

Based on the concept and designs provided, we turned our client's idea into a complete digital product with pristine UI. Now, people in the UK use Homedot to get better deals when buying or selling their homes.


Thanks to the client’s dedication and commitment, the project was less challenging than it could have been. A big part of the crucial first phase of the project – design, prototyping – was done by the client before we started cooperating. The idea behind Homedot is quite disruptive. If you're thinking about selling your home, you can use the app to let interested buyers know about it. If you're a buyer, you can score a great deal before anyone else learns about a particular real estate opportunity. Some of the challenges of this project were:

Implementing main business logic – marking available homes with dots on a map

Chat functionality – enabling interested buyers to ask about homes

Cross-platform compatibility on Android and iOS


Project Overview


Mobile application

The app has been built for both iOS and Android platforms.


We developed a dedicated back-end solution that encapsulates the app’s business logic.


We developed a dedicated back-end solution that encapsulates the app’s business logic.


iOS and Android

We chose Swift and Kotlin as core programming languages for this project.


Up to 8-10 members

Depending on the stage of the project, there were at least 5 developers, a QA tester, a PM and a UX/UI designer.


6 months

Our team completed the project in approximately 6 months.



The idea behind Homedot is one that both property owners and property seekers will definitely appreciate. If you’re selling, you let the app know what’s the address. If you’re buying, you place a dot on streets that you’re interested in, and the app will notify you if there are any homes available. No calls or emails necessary, you can just chat with homeowners or buyers in-app. If you’re thinking of moving, you can use Homedot to expand your real estate opportunities with just a few clicks in the app.



Homedot needed to be available both on iOS and Android, so we developed two native applications, respectively in Swift and Kotlin.

One of the most important features of the mobile application is the in-app chat. To ensure quick and secure messaging, we used Twilio and their Programmable Chat API. It allowed us to seamlessly add chat features into both native apps without the hassle of building the chat backend from scratch.

We combined forces when it comes to testing, starting with QA on our side, and solid beta testing on the client’s side. This was a great approach to ensure that end users would be happy with how the app works. And it seems that it worked – Homedot is already collecting 5-star reviews on the App Store and Google Play.







The Homedot app took 6 months to complete, with up to 10 people working on the project in different phases: Project Manager, Android and iOS developers, Backend Developers, QA tester, UI/UX designer.

It started with the client contacting us, and showing us the idea along with initial designs. Our designers added a bit of UI magic to those designs, and we started building the app in 2-week sprints with a demo after each sprint. We stayed in touch with the client on a daily basis to quickly solve any arising issues.



At the moment of writing (February 2021), Homedot is limited to the UK market. You can get it on both AppStore and Google Play, and it already has 5-star opinions in both shops. Users are echoing the same sentiments that we felt when taking up this project – that it’s an awesome new way to handle real estate sales, and that it has the potential to disrupt the market for home buyers and sellers.

Homedot is in the process of scaling up and acquiring more users, and we truly hope that they expand across the world soon. Fingers crossed! As for us, we always enjoy bringing innovative ideas into reality. It was a great pleasure to work on this project, and we’re grateful that we were entrusted with building Homedot.


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