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Pasibus: Tasty Website and Mobile App

We built a comprehensive digital solution for a popular restaurant chain - and in our opinion, the best burger-makers in Poland!


About the project

Pasibus is the most popular Polish restaurant chain specializing in top-class burgers. They started with a little foodtruck in our hometown, Wrocław, and over the last few years grown to be a successful company with restaurants all over Poland!

The previous website of Pasibus was a static single page with limited functionality. The client needed a new website that could match their outstanding growth rate. They asked us to propose a complete solution that would fit their needs now and at the same time be extendable in the future.

We designed and implemented a CMS-based multi-page website with a structure that finally satisfies all their needs. The Pasibus crew can easily and intuitively manage all their menu information, locations, news items, and other content. We've also added a social media section, combining Facebook, Instagram and Youtube activities in one page of updates.

Additionally, we created a mobile app for iOS and Android with similar functionalities and a few extra ones – including a calculator that will help the users see the number of macro-components and calories they consumed. Through a dedicated CMS in Umbraco, the restaurant can easily manage the content of the app without resubmitting it to the App Store and Google Play.





The solution is both informative and visually appealing.


Mobile application

We delivered the app for both iOS and Android platforms.



iOS, Android, .NET

C#, Swift, Java, Rest API



6 members

For this comprehensive project, we worked in cross-skilled team.



5 man-months

Right now, we maintain the solution and troubleshoot when needed.

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