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20 Oct 2022

20 Oct 2022

8 min read / Category: Business Culture Design Development

How Can Custom Mobile Development Affect Your Business’s Growth?

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A seamless mobile platform has become a necessity, rather than an option, for online businesses. How does custom development influence its success?

Firstly, what does custom development mean?

Custom app development is the process of creating applications that are especially suited to a company’s needs. Whether fully or partially personalized, it is designed to meet the demands of a specific target market rather than a large audience.

According to Statista, there are more than six billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide, with this figure anticipated to rise by several hundred million in the next few years. Additionally, an average smartphone user actively goes on 10 apps per day. With the increased number of options and a decreasing attention span of users, it is essential to maintain a competitive advantage and showcase something unique that other apps cannot offer.

There are two ways to go about building a custom mobile application. One is to build a custom application from scratch, or to customize and build on existing software. Either way that you choose for your mobile application, brings a set of advantages that we will discuss in this article.

Core benefits of developing a custom application

1. Scalability

The significant benefit of developing a mobile application for your brand is that it can expand with your business. Pre-built software frequently has a specific objective in mind, whether it is a small company start-up or a large enterprise. It is tough to locate a software that can effortlessly switch between the two.

Custom development is an excellent option if you want to start small and observe how your business grows without constraints. Custom mobile applications will be ready to manage a bigger quantity of data and expand with your business after you've established your market position and begin scaling up.

2. A real representation of your brand’s identity

This is not to imply that mobile websites are unimportant. In fact, for greater flexibility, organizations could provide a compatible set of channels, including a mobile-friendly website and a mobile app, in order to be competitive.

A custom-made application has the advantage of differing from any pre-made software. It may be hard to stay competitive if your application cannot implement unique features, which other businesses cannot offer.

Custom mobile development makes it possible to create ideas and turn them into technologically feasible products. Whether you have a workout app or an on-demand delivery business, your brand’s identity should be truly represented through the application’s features and a seamless interface.

3. Building a connection with your users

The benefit of having a custom application is that there are no boundaries and limits when it comes to creating ways to interact with the app users. You can leverage the data that the user enters when creating an app account, and use it in order to personalize your customer service to the maximum. Implement the newest technology, such as live chatbots or personalized welcome messages, or pairing with external devices.

Custom mobile development allows for a higher level of personalization and interaction with your audience also in a visual way, for example through photos, videos, or voice recognition and real-time tracking of the delivery process. Depending on your industry, the options are limitless when it comes to creating a real, personal experience for your users.

4. Maintenance and control of the development process

Another advantage of custom mobile development is the bird’s eye view of the creation process. Rather than purchasing a ready off-the-shelf application, you can really engage with the development team and be a part of the creation process.

Additionally, since you will know the team and the insights of your app, the maintenance process is going to be a lot more efficient and accessible.

How to create a successful custom mobile app?

Find the right team

The first and most important aspect of custom development, is a creative and competent team, with a personal and open-minded approach. You are going to need a team, which is going to fully understand your creative idea and translate it into technology.

Creating an application is not only about its functionality, but it serves as a medium to represent your brand’s identity. Your team should be able to understand you as a brand and represent that through an excellent UX/UI that goes hand in hand with your brand’s personality.

From a seamless interface to the color scheme, visuals, and features. When choosing a provider, keep in mind their level of adaptability and interest in the concept and identity behind your brand, not only the technical aspects.

Follow the latest trends and customer demand

Research is crucial before starting to develop your custom application in order to determine whether your concept actually satisfies market demands. You can adapt your idea to fit the requirements of your niche, for instance, by incorporating features like connectivity with external devices or chatbots that can offer client support around-the-clock.

Specify the message that you want to convey through your app

Is the application supposed to be the main channel for your business, or more of an extension of your website? Before the development process, it is necessary to list down all the requirements for your application and make sure that you are clear in terms of your vision with the development team. Clear communication will allow them to create a product that truly visualizes the idea that you have in mind and exceeds your expectations.

If you have an excellent idea in mind, but are not an expert in technology, contact one of our team members today and let us help you bring your custom mobile app vision to life.

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