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Application for hunters

The client who trusted us with this complex project is a reputed international manufacturer of optoelectronics and optical systems.


About the project

We partnered with an international optoelectronics company to create a mobile app for hunters. It’s a comprehensive toolbox with key features such as: GPS assistance to help navigate in the field and create custom maps, precise ballistics calculator and detailed weather forecast with reliable atmospheric data. The ballistics calculator can be easily connected via Bluetooth with dedicated devices.

The app is connected with a larger platform that allows the users to document and share their achievements, also by photos or videos. The app has also a browser version for the convenience of users who prefer to input the data on the computer. The data is synchronized seamlessly between the mobile and the desktop app and the connected devices.




Mobile application

A useful toolbox with data-driven features that guarantee precision and reliability.


Web platform

Seamlessly connected with the mobile application, offers an additional level of accessibility.



iOS, Android, .NET

ASP.NET Core, Angular, C#, Swift, Kotlin, Azure, Bluetooth Low Energy, GPS



8 members

The core of the team are iOS and Android experts supported by skilled .NET developers.



The project is ongoing

It's a long-term, continuous project we've been developing and extending over the last few years.

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