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Mobile Education

Educational app for children

The application has been commissioned by an educational company from Norway.


About the project

How to make visiting museums more fun for children? One of our clients knows – and asked us to partner with him on the development of the solution.

We created a mobile app that works in chosen museums of one of the European countries. It brings the children funny and informative videos, completing their experience at the museum and sharing valuable content through stories told by animated characters.

The app interacts with beacons placed in the museums. When the visitors approach a chosen museum object, the beacon activates educational video content in the app, so the children can learn more about a particular topic.




Mobile application

An accessible and user-friendly solution that brings fun.



iOS, Android

Swift, Kotlin, Unity



3 members

Our mobile development team is the core of the project.



The project is ongoing

Young digital natives will soon have the possibility to use the app!

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