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02 Jul 2020

02 Jul 2020

5 min read / Category: News

"Angry Nerds Is Riding On a Wave of Innovative Thinking". Interview Series by GoodFirms

Anna Stark


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On the occasion of publishing an interview with our CEO Michal Bledowski in the Goofirms Interview Series, we're presenting a guest post with some highlights about our company.

Rich in proffering digital products & professional software services, Angry Nerds originated in 2015 is based in Poland. The company offers a comprehensive approach, incorporating the full lifecycle of the project: design, development, deployment, and maintenance. Angry Nerds holds expertise in complex, long-term projects and tailor-made digital products for innovative companies. The professional team designs and builds web, mobile, and hybrid applications, as well as bespoke solutions, such as the Internet of Things systems, cloud computing, and a few others. Moreover, the team builds the business relationships on fairness and transparent communication by valuing individual approach, trust and reliability. Besides this with an agile approach, the unit at Angry Nerds quickly adapts to changing requirements and new situations. Believing nothing is impossible and with 5+ years of experience, the expert team at Angry Nerds has completed more than 200 projects with quality.

View Angry Nerd’s GoodFirms’ profile to know about its robust services.

GoodFirms’ team was honored to interview the CEO of Angry Nerds, Michał Błędowski, who talked about the company’s services, the idea behind the inception and a few other parameters. Starting with the interview, Michal says, “As the Co-Founder of the company, I’m responsible for our business and technological strategy.” Further, continuing with the interview, the CEO shares the idea behind the commencement of the business by saying that working as software engineers for many years, the duo (founder and co-founder of Angry Nerds) decided to build a company that will cater to the clients with future-proof and top quality solutions.

At Angry Nerds, the team always aspires to take majority stakes in order to enable them to do the best. Namely, to roll up their sleeves for helping company leadership in a hands-on manner as they strengthen their business. As founders, builders, and leaders of companies of all sizes and in all stages of their evolution, the team at Angry Nerds has first-hand experience with just about anything one might encounter as a businessperson. The expert team usually takes a board position in the portfolio companies, working side-by-side with company leadership to shape strategy and, if needed, furnish them tactical counsel, talent, tools, and innovation to deliver on their plans.

Continuing with the interview, Michal also describes the company’s most flourishing services catered to the clients at national level and is also looking forward to setting its global footprint. Angry Nerds excel at creating and delivering bespoke software solutions. The expert developers specialize in designing and development of web, mobile, and hybrid applications, as well as complicated, tailor-made systems. They can also help clients to fulfill their business objectives with technology consultation by scaling their existing in-house team. With cutting-edge technologies, the developers can build a solution tailored to clients’ business requirements.

At Angry Nerds, the professional software developers produce different software applications to meet the business purposes and processes of the consumers’ business. The autogenous group at Angry Nerds is very well familiarized with inside and out technology. Moreover, the group has endless access to modern and advanced technologies, which furnishes them with an amazing wealth of knowledge and a competitive edge. This knowledge enables the team to suggest the best solutions to the customers by bringing recognized thought-leadership in technology. The services are created to equip clients with unique quality products with less time and effort.

Furthermore, the group of skilled developers provides enterprise solutions and customized software solutions to the clients’ tailored as per their requirements. The software developed incorporates every single feature necessary to address the client’s business requirements. The team, with their experience in software design and development, makes customized applications that are innovative and cost-effective. Thus, armed with a skilled team of expert developers, Angry Nerds burgeons at GoodFirms as one of the top software development companies in Poland.

The review and the scorecard displayed below are the proof of the quality software developed at Angry Nerds.



Apart from software development, the professional experts at Angry Nerds also cater to the clients with the best possible web solutions. The exponential growth in the internet and access to information about anything has become simple with web development. The digitally-driven sphere of business has made it necessary to build a website furnishing the customer with a taste of what they want. The web developers at Angry Nerds ensure the development of such a perfect website. The company continues its support for technical assistance to businesses looking for support in the field of information technology.

The developers' team at Angry Nerds understands the importance of website development; thus, the process is meticulously performed by them, leveraging the highest potential. It is through actual hands-on practice that developers at Angry Nerds are able to identify the best frameworks for development, depending on the demands posed by the project and the clients. For a long time now, Java continues to be among developers’ choice owing to the versatility as well as security it offers. With our experience and awareness of the market needs, we at Upnetix have been able to make our mark in Java-based development as well. The new generation software solutions rendered by the developers at Angry Nerds will soon endow the firm to make its mark among the leading web development companies at GoodFirms.

Having read the in-depth information shared by the CEO, Michał Błędowski, one can have a look at the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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About the Author
Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers to shape every company's performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm's identity.

Anna Stark


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