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Mockup Z Bez Kółka Jetsnatch
Mockup Z Bez Kółka Jetsnatch
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Jetsnatch: The Best Way to Train With Kettlebells

The client’s vision for this project was to develop a mobile application, which would serve as a support system for kettlebell training programs.


How did our cooperation begin? 

The client’s vision for this project was to develop a mobile application, which would serve as a support system for kettlebell training programs. The goal of this project is to optimize workouts and make users track their progress, using an external sensor device paired with the Kettlebell.


Jetsnatch is an innovative application that also allows users to connect with an external device attached to the kettlebells, which returns data regarding the quality of the user's performance of a given exercise. 




Mobile Development

IOS app development


UX/ UI Design

From user flows to final visual design - our design team provided a comprehensive service.




For mobile development, we used a reliable programming language - Swift.



7 members

Our team consisted of seven members: two iOS Developers, a .NET Developer, a QA Tester, a Project Manager, and two UX/UI Designers.



4 + months

Cooperation timeline: 2022 - ongoing

Project challenges

First, we created a comprehensive user interface for the program. Meanwhile, we collaborated closely with the client to design and identify the most crucial features to implement.


This project's initial version is an iOS app with an exercise library, instructional videos, and an exercise optimization tool based on the Jetsnatch sensor.


Another challenge in the project is the connection with the external device Jetsnatch - a sensor that analyzes data about the user's movement during workouts and allows us to measure the quality of their performance. Algorithms paired with the sensor help the user evaluate the quality of the exercises and display personalized recommendations. 

Kwadracik Do Nawigacji Jetsnatch
Mockup Z Kółkiem Jetsnatch

Design Challenges

The first phase of the project is developing an iOS application that allows users to select from a database of possible workouts, view instructional videos, and maximize exercise performance using the Jetsnatch device with which the app connects.


The main challenge was to ensure that the quality of the app stands out among a large pool of competitors. 


In order to tackle this challenge, we implemented the following solutions:  


🔹 Integration of sensors, significantly expanding training possibilities 


🔹 Development of a training database in collaboration with kettlebell trainers - to ensure that we tackle genuine user problems and construct the product according to the user-centered design philosophy. 


Making of

The entire process, from initial contact with the client to the website's completion, spanned approximately 4 months. Let's explore the details!

Designs Designs

Discovery Workshops

Development Development

Development Phase

The design and development process has been completed for Jetsnatch, perfecting every detail for the application to work seamlessly in the future. We are discussing the implementation of potential features in the future.  


We began the process by conducting a product workshop. Our objective was to understand the business requirements as thoroughly as possible before translating them into the "language of functionality." To complete this task, we implemented our favorite workshop approach: "User Journey Mapping." 


This method works by mapping out the key user paths within the product, pointing out difficulties the user may encounter, as well as offering appropriate solutions.  

Using the data collected in the previous steps, we proceeded to the functional design - the so-called mock-ups, whose objective was to plan the individual displays. This step allowed us to swiftly develop an outline of the complete product - its features and benefits.


After completing the mock-ups/wireframes, we started working on the final graphic design of all screens (UI design). We proposed 3 possible directions. After selecting the right solution, we began transforming mock-ups into final UI designs of the screens, until they were ready for implementation by developers.


Meanwhile, we developed a basic design system: a collection of components, text styles, colors, drawings, and other features that would allow for faster implementation and future development of the product with functionalities while preserving overall consistency.

The mobile application aimed to optimize kettlebell training programs by providing personalized workouts and progress tracking through an external sensor device. Users could expect tailored routines and expert guidance to enhance their fitness journey. 

Pojedynczy Mockup 1
Pojedynczy Mockup 2

Enhanced Features for Jetsnatch

Training database - Exercises are created with the assistance of trainers and are geared to users of all skill levels. Workouts are already tailored throughout the onboarding stage, with the user seeing only personalized content on their dashboard.

Training with the sensor - The user exercising with the sensor can track progress and improve skills. Algorithms paired with the sensor allow the user to evaluate the quality of the exercises and display personalized recommendations.

Virtual trainer - Technical advice, suggestions, training videos - anything to assist users improve their exercise techniques without having to go to the gym and workout under the supervision of a professional trainer.

Technology Stack

Technological Framework

Technology Stack:

Operating on iOS with backend support from .NET integrated with Umbraco Cloud, the app ensured seamless functionality. Future plans included expanding to Android, ensuring accessibility across different platforms. 

The team aimed to deliver within an 18-week timeframe. Collaboration with kettlebell trainers ensured a user-centric design, while sensor integration promised personalised workout recommendations. The focus remained on refining user experiences and advancing fitness technology.



Upon completion, the project achieved its goals by delivering a user-friendly mobile application that effectively enhanced kettlebell training, showcasing the harmonious integration of technology and fitness for users of all levels. 

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