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Brand New Website for the Swedish Bank

We partnered with Northmill, a leading Swedish neobank, to develop an enhanced version of their website using the Umbraco CMS.


How did our cooperation begin? 

Our collaboration with Northmill Bank began through a shared interest in improving and innovating digital experiences. Northmill, a prominent Swedish neobank, specializes in delivering user-friendly and transparent financial solutions.  


The core of Northmill's mission is to offer hassle-free financial services, by providing seamless digital experiences in areas like payments, savings, and loans. Their impact extends to over 2,500 merchants and serves more than 600,000 end-users, showcasing their influence in the financial sector. 


In July 2022, we started working with Northmill, aiming to fulfill their web development requirements by using the Umbraco Content Management System—a choice that complemented our expertise in Umbraco services. Beyond CMS implementation, the project involved incorporating customizable sections and integrating various components. This aligned with our capabilities to tailor solutions to every client’s individual needs  While Northmill provided their internal designs, it's worth noting that we also offer design services, according to the client’s preferences. 


As part of the project's technical requirements, the website needed deployment on a new infrastructure within the AWS Cloud for optimal performance and scalability. 

Our collaborative efforts focused on meeting the outlined objectives, spanned from July 2022 to April 2023.  





Web Development

Release a new version of their website based on the provided designs.


Dedicated CMS

The new website's content is managed by Umbraco CMS.



Umbraco, .NET, and more

We used Umbraco, .NET, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML/ CSS.



4 members

Our team consisted of three members: a .NET Developer, Front-end Developer, Project Manager, and QA Specialist.



10 + months

Cooperation timeline: 2022-2023

How We Enhanced Northmill's Online Presence with Umbraco CMS? Our Solutions

Our Solutions


Optimized AWS Cloud Infrastructure:

We strategically designed and implemented a new AWS cloud infrastructure for the Northmill website, ensuring low latency and efficient content caching.


Headless CMS Configuration:

We configured Umbraco CMS to operate in a "headless" mode, enhancing the website's flexibility and scalability.


High Availability Implementation:

To guarantee uninterrupted service, we incorporated high availability features, using autoscaling to manage traffic peaks effectively.


SEO-First Approach:

Every page on the website prioritizes SEO, incorporating essential elements such as metadata, keywords, canonical links, OpenGraph, and more.

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Successful Impact on Northmill's Web Presence

Following the December 2022 launch, the Northmill website has successfully expanded its reach to countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland.


Fully Customizable Interface:

Empowering Northmill's marketing team, the Umbraco CMS allows complete customization of the website and pages without any limitations or constraints.

Making of

The entire process, from initial contact with the client to the website's completion, spanned approximately 10 months. Let's explore the details!

Designs Designs

Discovery Workshops

Development Development

Development Phase

Quality Quality

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

In our initial phase, we conducted comprehensive discovery workshops, which aimed to explore both the client's vision and the end-user needs, ensuring a holistic understanding of CMS requirements. 

Our dedicated team, comprising an experienced .NET Developer, Front-end Developer, Project Manager, and QA Specialist, carefully developed the specific features required for the new website project. 

We maintain an ongoing relationship with Northmill, providing continuous support and ensuring the optimal functioning of the created website. 

The range of custom features was primarily focused on elevating the user experience and making it more innovative. This updated website has improved the way users interact with Northmill's offerings, ensuring a personalized and seamless banking journey. 

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Enhanced Features for Northmill: A Tailored Banking Experience

Book a Demo Functionality: We integrated a demo-booking component, allowing effortless scheduling for potential clients interested in exploring Northmill's offerings.

Savings Calculator: As a distinctive feature, we introduced a customizable savings calculator, empowering customers to pre-set it based on page-specific usage, enhancing financial planning capabilities.

Customizable Components: Our team developed around 50 customizable components, providing content editors with the flexibility to configure and position them across all pages for a personalized user experience.

Technology Stack

Technological Framework

Technology Stack:

The website's front-end was crafted using React, while the back-end was built on the robust .NET framework. The chosen content management system (CMS) was Umbraco, meticulously tailored to meet specific requirements and components.


Following a meticulous development process, we successfully launched the Northmill website in December 2022.


Ongoing Relationship:

Our engagement with Northmill goes beyond the project completion date. We continue to support and maintain the website, ensuring its seamless operation and addressing any evolving needs.

Quality Assurance Commitment:

In addition to web development, our commitment extends to delivering high-quality Quality Assurance (QA) services. This ensures an alignment with our client's vision and objectives, maintaining the integrity and functionality of the implemented features.

This has been a very interesting project for our team and we continue our ongoing relationship with the client, supporting and maintaining web development.


Results are here: Banken som gör det bättre | Northmill 

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