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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Fliko

We have collaborated with Fliko, a dynamic real estate management company, to create AI solutions that make property management more efficient and effective.


How did our cooperation begin? 

In our pursuit of operational excellence within the continuously growing and developing world of technology, the strategic incorporation of AI into our tech stack has been a pivotal move. This move reflects our commitment to increased efficiency. Our collaboration with Fliko underscores this commitment as we introduce AI solutions to elevate our projects.

Our collaboration with Fliko, which began in June 2023, is a recent yet very promising partnership. We've been fortunate to contribute AI solutions to this innovative project. 

Fliko's vision was to create an integrated solutions ecosystem, to enhance property management efficiency. Their aim was to redefine industry standards and transform user service methods, benefiting property managers, administrators, lease operators, developers, communities, and housing cooperatives. 

Fliko offers an integrated platform that merges building automation, IoT, and smart home services while fostering pro-social and eco-conscious initiatives. Dedicated to reshaping the digital transformation of the European residential market, they aim to lead in sustainability and technological advancement.

The platform can effortlessly perform tasks like repairs, managing payments, publishing announcements, and features a user-friendly meeting calendar, for both administrators and tenants. The platform offers enhanced efficiency and seamless communication through these features.




Mobile application

Our team successfully delivered AI solutions for both iOS and Android users.


AI solution

We implemented custom API endpoints, ChatGPT for text fault identification, and AI-driven image and text recognition algorithms for precise category classification.


Web Development

The AI solutions extended to the web platform as well.



iOS, Android

We used Flutter to streamline our project, enabling efficient development for both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously.



5 members

Our team consisted of five members, a .NET Developer, a PHP Developer, a QA Specialist, a Technical Lead, and a Project Manager.



3 + months

We initiated the project in June 2023, and our collaboration is still ongoing.

How did we help Fliko with AI technology?

The client approached us with a partially developed solution but needed specialists to implement AI solutions. We took on the challenge of solving this problem.

Our journey started with implementing dedicated API endpoints to enable Artificial Intelligence logic, followed by seamless integration of ChatGPT into the app, for the identification of user-reported faults through the text.

We expanded our scope by developing an AI-based image recognition algorithm, aimed at classifying objects within predefined categories. Similarly, we designed a text recognition algorithm to achieve the same goal. Using machine learning, we trained a high-quality model to accurately classify images based on predefined categories.

Throughout this project, we conducted consistent testing, using predefined metrics, and our commitment to enhancing the app with new features is still ongoing!

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Fliko is already a success!  

Although, the app is quite new, it has already won an innovation grant! 

Our client has been awarded a grant from the „303 Innovation Fund” based on the research and development program from the European Union.  

And it’s only the beginning! We look forward to seeing of their more success stories. 

Making of

Since our initial contact with the client, the process of implementing AI solutions took approximately three months, and our collaboration continues. Let's explore the details!

Development Development


Quality Quality

Quality assurance

The team working with Fliko consisted of experienced .NET and PHP developers, as well as skilled Tech lead and QA specialist. Together with the Project Manager, they were able to build all AI integrations like ChatGPT Implementation, Text and image recognition needed for the project.

We have been testing the application performance internally throughout the AI development process. We also carefully listened to our client and quickly adapted to changing requirements.

The development of Fliko is still underway, but we already anticipate that this solution will come with a range of intriguing features. On our end, there has been the preparation and implementation of AI solutions, but the tool itself features many interesting functionalities, such as the ability for co-living residents to connect with each other, facilitating shared parking spaces, common area utilization in the building, and the sharing of micro-services within the community.

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AI - Features implemented for Fliko include:

Autonomous fault identification, enabling the system to automatically identify reported issues. 

Accurate fault classification, achieved by analysing user-uploaded images and text, enabling precise categorization. 


Technical side of the project

We employed and integrated ChatGPT for text-based fault identification within a set of predefined categories. Using machine learning, we trained a high-quality model to accurately classify images based on predefined categories. We developed the app using Flutter. 

The solution is already in place, and more information is available on our client's website: 

This has been a very interesting and innovative project for our team to work on, and we continue to sustain our partnership with the client, by providing ongoing support for the development of AI solutions for both mobile and web.  

This project has proven to be both interesting and innovative for our team. We are committed to maintaining a strong partnership with our client, providing ongoing support for the development of advanced AI solutions for both mobile and web platforms. Additionally, our dedication extends to delivering high-quality Quality Assurance (QA) services, ensuring a seamless alignment with our client's vision and objectives.

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