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Platform for customer experience analysis

The client is an innovative startup in the field of customer experience solutions.


About the project

We worked with a SaaS startup on an innovative project that addresses major problems with B2B customer experience and solves them with a proactive approach, based on data science and automation technology.


In close cooperation with the client, we have built a scalable web platform that automates collection, measurement, and monitoring of customer satisfaction of B2B corporates. The tool will learn about the customers’ expectations from historical data and automatically predict risks and potential issues, so any necessary actions can be taken in advance.


The client was responsible for the data science module and we delivered a web solution that presents the results of the data analysis and is directly connected with the data science heart of the app. 




UX/UI design

We were responsible for designing the interface of the web platform.


Front-end development

The interface was brought to life by our front-end developers using Angular.


Back-end development

Custom back-end solution was connected with the data science module on the client's side.



.NET, Angular

We used the most reliable back-end and front-end technologies.



7 members

The team consisted of designers, front-end and back-end developers, a QA tester, and a project manager.



5 months

The key modules of the app have been developed between Q4 2020 and Q2 2021.

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