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Redesign of an e-commerce platform

The client is an international e-commerce specializing in shoes and accessories.


About the project

In early 2020, we started working with one of the major e-commerce companies specializing in shoes and accessories. The client needed a full UX/UI audit of the existing platform, a redesign concept for web and mobile versions, and mock-ups of the new design.


With the redesign concept, we focused on improving usability and customer experience. The main focus was to improve site navigation and create a modern layout that would improve conversion rates.
 Our goal was to showcase the retailer’s products in an appealing way and make shopping as enjoyable and hassle-free 
for the users as possible.


We designed a clean, user-friendly, responsive web platform with all key features, such as browsing 
the products (also using filters), buying them, adding 
to favorites, checking reviews, and more. We also agreed to ongoing UX/UI support after the platform would be implemented, along with usability analysis and A/B testing.


However, after the pandemic struck and due to the uncertain market situation, the client decided to freeze the project.




UX audit

We conducted a comprehensive audit to identify the most important issues with the existing platform.


UX/UI design

We created a redesigned version of the platform to improve customer experience.



Responsive web solution

The designs are ready for the development phase, which is currently suspended.



3 members

At the moment, as the development is on hold, there were only designers involved in the project.



The project is on hold

Due to the pandemic and uncertain market situation, the client decided to freeze the project.

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