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Smart fitness app for ergo workout

The client is an established manufacturer of fitness equipment.


About the project

The goal of the project was to build a mobile application that is directly connected with all types of ergometers: indoor rowing, cycling, and skiing machines. The client wanted to provide the users with a comprehensive tool to better plan 
and monitor workout sessions, collect detailed stats and engage with other practitioners. Having already some experience with smart fitness solutions (for example for kettlebell training), we were up for the challenge.


The main features of the app allow users to plan workout sessions and monitor performance (including live workout mode), set goals and unlock custom achievements, participate in challenges and events, or even invite their friends to race with them. The app has been built for both Android and iOS platforms.




Mobile application

The main goal of the project was to develop native mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.


UX/UI design

Our design team was responsible for creating user interfaces for the app.



Android, iOS

We used Kotlin and Swift as key programming languages for the app.



8 members

Apart from mobile developers and a project manager, there was also a dedicated QA specialist.



The project is ongoing

We've started working on the project in the second half of 2020.

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