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Tech Support For E-Commerce Thinking

Tech Support During High Growth Period For E-Commerce Solutions Provider


About the project

The projects we do aren’t always about building a product from the ground up. Sometimes we jump into existing projects as a sort of spec-ops tactical team, to support our clients during times of fast growth.

Such was the case when we first got in touch with Adrian Hodgson, who is Chairman and People Lead of two organizations. One is HiCohesion (integration platform for e-commerce brands), and the other is E-commerce Thinking, an e-commerce consultancy and solutions provider.

We performed the role of an on-demand team for E-commerce Thinking. The main job our developers did was building integrations for E-commerce Thinking clients. It was no easy task, because each integration had to be done in a live production environment, in a way that didn’t interfere with the 24/7/365 uptime demands of e-commerce stores.

Started in January 2020, our cooperation quickly grew from about 40 hours a month to 400 hours a month with teams of varying sizes. We supported the E-commerce Thinking teams through several small projects, as well as few of their biggest projects at the time.

For a full and detailed review related to this project, check out our Clutch profile.



Back-end development

Integrations in live production environments using PHP.




Laravel framework



~6 people

Each individual project required 4-5 developers, a project manager, and a tester.



10 months

January 2020 – October 2021

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