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Real Estate Software Development

In today's dynamic real estate landscape, digital transformation is no longer an option —it's a strategic imperative. Our tailored software solutions are designed to empower real estate companies, revolutionizing property management and sales processes to drive growth and success.

Redesign Real Estate with Future-Ready Software

Streamlined Efficiency

Experience smoother operations with our digital transformation solutions tailored for real estate. Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and long waiting times. Our technology streamlines processes, making transactions faster and more efficient for both you and your clients.

Simplified Management

Managing properties becomes a lot easier when. Digital tools optimize your workflow, allowing you to focus on what matters most – providing excellent service to your tenants and maximizing property value. From rent collection to maintenance requests, everything is seamlessly coordinated to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Enhanced Accessibility

Expand your reach and close deals faster with our digital sales solutions. Showcase properties with stunning virtual tours and reach clients wherever they are. Our platform makes buying and selling homes more accessible and convenient, giving you the edge in today's competitive market.

Featured work

AI Solutions for Property Management

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Fliko

We have collaborated with Fliko, a dynamic real estate management company, to create AI solutions that make property management more efficient and effective.

Real Estate is evolving extremely fast

Trends in Digital Transformation:

From AI to VR, real estate innovation knows no bounds. By adopting emerging tech, firms can unlock efficiencies, productivity, and growth. Whether using AI analytics or VR tours, the future of real estate is ripe with possibilities.
Challenges and Solutions:

While digital transformation brings benefits, challenges like upskilling and data security must be addressed. Our solutions offer training, security measures, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition to the digital future.

Our approach

Discovery workshop

Validate your idea from a technological and business perspective with our experts.

UI / UX Design

Our talented designers can make any interface beautiful and usable.

Web development

Experienced developers will craft any web application you need.

Mobile development

Our mobile development experts build apps that are lovely, fast, and secure.

Custom development

Tailor-fit software combining bleeding-edge tech and your existing infrastructure.

Tech consulting

We can help you choose the optimal technology to build your product.

Quality assurance

Extensive testing will ensure that your software is operation-ready.

Workshop data sharing platform

With this application, car shop owners can anonymously share data, identify trends, and compare their business to the local, regional, and country-wide averages. The idea for this project was born through several decades of market analysis. We coded the idea into reality for the web, Android and iOS.

Digital Transformation in Real Estate:

In today's real estate landscape, embracing digital transformation isn't just about staying current; it's about preparing for what lies ahead. By integrating digital technologies, real estate firms can streamline operations, enhance client experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. From simplifying workflows to enabling remote access, digital transformation opens doors to new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Property Management Software:

Efficient property management is essential for success in real estate. Our software solutions streamline tasks like tenant communication, maintenance scheduling, and financial management. By centralizing property data and automating routine processes, our platform empowers professionals to focus on strategic decision-making and value-added activities. From minimizing vacancies to maximizing rental returns, our software delivers tangible benefits that drive results.

Digital Solutions for Sales:

In today's digital era, the journey to purchase begins online. Our software solutions optimize every stage of the sales process, from lead generation to closing. With virtual property tours, AI-driven chatbots, and personalized marketing, we help firms attract leads, nurture prospects, and expedite sales. Leveraging cutting-edge tech, our platform enables professionals to expand their reach, engage customers effectively, and close deals faster.

Why Choose Our Software Solutions:

Real estate firms worldwide are leveraging technology to gain a competitive edge. Our software offers user-friendly CMS, scalability, and customization options to meet diverse needs. With comprehensive support and a proven track record, we're committed to helping clients achieve success and drive growth.

- User-friendly CMS solutions: Our intuitive platforms are designed to be easy to use, reducing the learning curve for real estate professionals and accelerating time-to-value

- Scalability: Whether you're a small boutique agency or a large enterprise, our software solutions can scale to meet your evolving needs, ensuring long-term success and ROI.

- Customization options: We understand that every real estate business is unique. That's why our software solutions are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your specific requirements and workflows.  

- Comprehensive support: From onboarding to ongoing training and support, our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and seamless implementation process.  

- Proven track record: With a proven track record of success and satisfied customers, our software solutions have helped real estate companies around the world achieve their goals and drive business growth.


Our Clients say

Their team is extremely talented. The designers work very quickly and deliver great results and the development team has vast competencies in several programming languages, technologies, and software architecture (…). They’re also very committed and responsive, we didn't have to wait long for an answer.


, Analytics startup from Germany (NDA-protected)

As a non-technical founder, I’ve leaned on Angry Nerds to deliver all aspects of product delivery and support. I feel like a have a truly committed team by my side.

Cyrus Peyrovian

, FastAuth Founder

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The development team has vast competencies in several programming languages, technologies, and software architecture.

A few words from us

Hello 👋
My name is Michał, I'm a Co-founder of Angry Nerds. It’s great to see you here! Over the years, we’ve been working on hundreds of innovative software projects across all major industries. In our work, we combine a unique technological approach with a deep understanding of business. Our team is eager to turn your ideas into successful digital solutions.

Michał Błędowski

Co-founder, Angry Nerds

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