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What are the Up-and-Coming Programming Languages to Learn in 2022/23?

The technology sector is expanding very quickly, what creates additional demand for highly skilled employees, capable of working with a wide range of programs. What are the most prominent programming languages this year?  


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How to quickly write and run Kotlin script - practical guide

Not so long ago, we had a test that involved a large address book with several thousands of contacts. In order to have such an extensive collection, we came up with the need to generate vCard file with random contacts.

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How to Create a Successful On-Demand Delivery Platform? Check out these 5 tools!

Do you have an idea for an on-demand delivery business, but you are not sure where to start? Let's go over some of the most essential tools that you are going to need in order to be competitive in the market and create a user-friendly, seamless on-demand delivery platform. 


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