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10 Jun 2021

10 Jun 2021

6 min read / Category: Business

Dedicated development team for enterprise: how does it work?

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Now that your business is running at full speed and you have more customers than ever before, you may have noticed that the software currently in use isn't cutting it anymore. But the ready-made platforms available on the market aren’t what you need either.

You need custom software, one that will have exactly the features you want and that will easily integrate with your current tech stack. Developing it internally would be ideal, but your current team is overwhelmed with work. Additionally, you feel they lack experience and knowledge in certain areas.

Moreover, it is not always easy to hire more people for your team. The local talent pool is incredibly limited. There are no specialists available with the skills you need, and the ones that are available are asking for sky-high salaries. And on the other hand, you are not sure whether you need to hire staff members full-time for just one project. Hiring and training new people will take a lot of time, and you want to begin the project as quickly as possible.

So many questions, but so few answers, huh?

In this situation, outsourcing your software development project to a dedicated company may be the right solution for you. By selecting a dedicated software development team of seasoned experts, you can ensure that your project idea is translated into a working product that matches your long-term strategy and company values.

Let's find out what the Dedicated Development Team model means, how it works, and the benefits it brings to the table.

What is a dedicated software development team?

Long story short: a dedicated development team is a group of experienced developers that you engage to implement your project idea into a tangible product.

You can take your concept of a new piece of software or mobile app to them, and they will suggest who you need, what tools should be used, and overall, coordinate the project.

The biggest advantage here is that depending on what your business needs at the moment, you can put together a team with exactly the skills and experience you need - and modify it whenever you need.

dedicated development team for enterprise

How does a dedicated software development team differ from an outsourced team?

With a typical, hourly-based development team, developers might not give your project the full attention it deserves because they are juggling many other projects at once. Dedicated teams, on the other hand, work exclusively on your project, so you can rest assured that you have their full attention and focus. The client can manage their dedicated team just as if it were their own in-house team, but without the worries of recruitment, administrative support, and associated expenses.

This model is appropriate when the requirements are unclear, may change during the project, are complex, or must be completed quickly. For big projects, like a big automotive system or a nationwide education program, this is the go-to model for development.

The Dedicated Development Team model in practice

The following will demonstrate how dedicated development teams may work in practice:

1. A client tells the software development agency about their ideas for a new product, their key goals, as well as their expectations regarding the developer’s skills/experience/tool and technology they should use.

2. The software development agency then performs a thorough analysis of the project scope and schedules meetings with the client to clarify the requirements and submit a list of candidates for the dedicated team.

3. Once the team candidates, project scope, and management processes have been accepted by the client, a dedicated team can start working on the project.

4. Until the project is complete and the finished product is handed over to the client, the client has full control over the entire development process and the work done by the dedicated development team.

That's it. It's as easy as that.

advantages of dedicated development teams

What are the advantages of hiring a dedicated development team?

1. A dedicated development team is cost-effective

Hiring a team to work exclusively on your product might seem like an expensive option but that’s not necessarily true. Having a dedicated development team to work on your project can help your business save money on all types of costs associated with in-house hiring. These include hiring, training, and onboarding costs, office supplies, tools and licenses cost, and various legal costs as well.

What’s also important is that dedicated development teams are ready to start working straight away after clarifying the main requirements, scope, and budget of the project. This way, you get a complete product faster while your in-house team can continue working as usual.

The pricing system of this type of cooperation is fully transparent as well. You know exactly the work you are paying for as well as what is the daily/hourly charge for development so you can plan your budget for the project.

2. It is the most suitable option for large and complex projects

If your project is small and straightforward, managing it yourself or recruiting freelancers might be a good choice. But what if it takes several months to complete your project, due to its complexity? Leaving it to your in-house team might take them away from their day-to-day responsibilities, particularly if the scope of the project changes or something unexpected arises. Furthermore, freelancers can be unpredictable and not exactly reliable.

Here’s the main advantage of working with a dedicated team - they are fully dedicated to your project and to your organization’s goals.

The dedicated software development team knows everything about your company’s culture, values, needs, and objectives that will result in a product that will perform precisely as you need.

For long-term projects, you need to also take into account the fact that no matter how hard you try, you cannot predict and plan everything. Outsourced software development teams provide you with greater project control and flexibility. The project scope and priorities can be adjusted as needed.

Emergency situations can also be handled quickly. You can modify your development team as well - assign new developers to deal with an unexpected problem or remove team members when a certain task has been completed.

3. Increased productivity and faster product delivery

If you would like your project to develop smoothly and without significant delays, it would be best if your developers focused solely on the main project rather than attempting to manage both daily tasks and project tasks. But this might not be possible, especially if your team is small - and we all know that multitasking rarely yields results.

Dedicated teams are hired to focus only on your project and can give their full attention to that project from the beginning to the end - without any interruptions. But that's not all.

Since software developers are used to working together and know each other well, clashes or arguments are unlikely to arise during the project. Software development companies typically follow specific project management and delivery processes, allowing them not only to anticipate development risks but also to mitigate them to deliver a finished product in a faster manner.

4. Access to seasoned developers from all over the world

Creating an in-house development team for a project can be an overwhelming task for companies who are unfamiliar with the software development industry. Finding the right candidates, interviewing them, and eventually hiring them would require a lot of time, resources, and effort.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, provides you with almost unlimited access to technical experts in all technical areas, including niche ones.

The choice can be relatively straightforward, then.

When you partner with a software development partner, you do not need to examine the candidates or complete a lot of administrative paperwork.

dedicated software team for enterprise

What’s more, you can either select the right developer out of the available developers of varying experience levels or rely on the software development partner’s suggestions for the project. This is all accomplished without extra costs, long recruiting processes, the necessity to cover sickness leaves, or the necessity to assess the level of the internal team.

A dedicated development team will, indeed, be dedicated to your project.

5. Full control over the project

Handing over your project to another company might seem risky, but don’t worry.

You can discuss all things crucial to the project before signing a contract with a software partner, such as deadlines, communication channels, managing the project, and what to do in the event of an unforeseen problem.

You can also have total control over the project from start to finish - the project manager is responsible for keeping you regularly informed about the work progress and potential obstacles that may arise.

If you wish to alter the scope of a project or add members to the development team, you can contact them to inform them of the changes. The team will adjust their work schedule according to your requirements.

development team for enterprise

Over to you

If you have a complicated project that your internal team cannot complete successfully on their own, it may be best to hire a dedicated team of software developers. With their experience and skills, they can ensure that your project will progress smoothly – and the unexpected problems will always be dealt with swiftly.

And because the software development partners are exclusively interested in providing you with a final product that enhances your business, you and your in-house team can focus on your daily tasks, and leave the rest to your dedicated software development team.

Too good to be true? Put Angry Nerds to the test.

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