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Impossible idea? Not for us!

Do you have a bold vision for your next application, website, or IoT system, but you are not an experienced technology specialist? As your software development partner, we will support and guide you through the entire process of programming and features implementation, until your vision turns into reality.

Web development

We deliver fast, innovative, and responsive web solutions, including scalable web applications, CMS-driven websites, and custom projects.

Mobile development

Usable and easy-to-navigate mobile applications are our specialty. We build functional and secure digital products that run on iOS and Android. Find out more about some of our technology stack for mobile apps.

Custom development

Cloud computing, Internet of Things, Big Data, and more. With cutting-edge technologies, we can build a solution tailored to your business users. Let our technology fully represent your brand from aesthetics to efficiency.

Product Design

Design goes far beyond the looks - it is a complex process determining your application’s infrastructure and success. Aesthetic UI combined with functionality, speed, and the newest features, is the basis for an outstanding UX.

IT Outsourcing

Looking for remote development solutions? Discover how our nearshore, offshore and technology consulting services empower companies in Europe, United States, Canada, and the rest of the world to achieve unprecedented success in their online business.

Cloud & SaaS solutions

We can support your business goals with scalable Cloud and Software-as-a-Service solutions running on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.


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Discover our case studies

Brand New Website for the Swedish Bank

We partnered with Northmill, a leading Swedish neobank, to develop an enhanced version of their website using the Umbraco CMS.

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Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem

Discover our case studies

Jetsnatch: The Best Way to Train With Kettlebells

The client’s vision for this project was to develop a mobile application, which would serve as a support system for kettlebell training programs.

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Mockup Z Kółkiem Jetsnatch Mockup Z Kółkiem Jetsnatch

Discover our case studies

Cycling App: IoT Solutions

We took the challenge of upgrading an innovative cycling app, based on native technologies, enabling users to connect with external workout devices via Bluetooth.  Users can set new challenges with opponents in real-time and track their progress in a seamless and visual panel.

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Cycling App Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem Cycling App Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem

Discover our case studies

A Brand New Web Application Design for Hadrone

We partnered with Hadrone, a company dedicated to providing best-in-class software for project and service portfolio management, to develop new versions of their web application FinOps.

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Hadrone Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem Hadrone Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem

Discover our case studies

NYOUM: LOVE. A communication platform of a new kind.

We developed an Android version of our client's revolutionary audio and video messaging platform, LOVE.

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Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem (1) Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem (1)

Discover our case studies

NeoTaste: Deals for Foodies

We partnered with a startup from Germany that aims to provide foodies with more opportunities to enjoy a visit to a restaurant.

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Foodisto Sliderweb Foodisto Sliderweb

Discover our case studies

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Fliko

We have collaborated with Fliko, a dynamic real estate management company, to create AI solutions that make property management more efficient and effective.

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Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem3 Mockup Z Granatowym Kółkiem3

Discover our case studies

Cats and Dogs: The Weather App

A weather app with a twist! Based on the designs provided by the client, we developed a mobile app that is both useful and entertaining.

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catsanddogs_sliderweb.png catsanddogs_sliderweb.png

Discover our case studies

Homedot: Disruptive Real Estate App

Discontinued app for the British real estate market. Homedot tried to disrupt the market for home buyers and real estate sellers.

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Homedot Sliderweb Homedot Sliderweb


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They exceeded our expectations delivering several features that were not a part of the initially flawed specification. (...) I have almost 20 years of experience and have never been so impressed by all aspects of product delivery and support. For me, it is 11 out of 10.

VP of Product and Marketing, Online Travel Agency Startup

As a non-technical founder, I’ve leaned on Angry Nerds to deliver all aspects of product delivery and support. I feel like a have a truly committed team by my side. (...) I am very satisfied with the quality of their work.

Cyrus Peyrovian, FastAuth Founder

Their design skills are top-class. Angry Nerds are a truly committed and experienced team - and they’re simply friendly, so it’s a real pleasure working with them. They’re easy-going and at the same time strongly involved in everything they do.

Product Owner, Automotive Processes Company

The flexibility and communication skills of the Angry Nerds team are impressive. A profitable and successful long-term partnership has resulted from Angry Nerds consistently delivering reliable, quality, on-time products.

Alexander Peschke, Owner of Peschkedesign

I’m very impressed with the UX/UI design team. They’ve done an excellent job, and comparing their skills with other companies I had worked with over the years, I can definitely say that Angry Nerds are experts when it comes to user interface applications.

Project Leader, Electronics Design and Manufacturing Company

The level of understanding and communication between Angry Nerds and our teams were excellent. There was a real trust relationship built in a short time. (...) Angry Nerds tried to understand us and almost became a part of our team. We even included them in our social events. They were just like our employees.

Adrian Hodgson, Chairman & People Lead at E-commerce Thinking

This is a collaborative business, we worked very well with Angry Nerds. What we appreciated the most was an open conversation, trying to find solutions to our problems, and being flexible in meeting our needs.

Andrzej Jończyk, CEO of Healthcare Company

Their technical skills were impressive. Their developers have skillfully transformed all our desired features into tangible realities, showcasing their expertise and ability to deliver high-quality software solutions.

Eric Nashbar, President

The most impressive and unique aspect of this company lies in its people. Working with the Angry Nerds team has been an exceptional experience. Their communication skills and dedication to the project make a significant difference. They are great collaborators, making the partnership truly valuable.

Arnaud Schmutz, CEO Sourcin SA

Our team really got on with everyone from the Angry Nerds on a professional and personal level. It felt like they were an extension of our own team, and I enjoyed all of our conversations. They took the time and effort to collaborate with us through every step of the journey and always kept us in the loop.

George Talboys, Product & Program Consultant at Pattrn

From my perspective, the most impressive aspect of Angry Nerds is the high quality of their developers. The Android and iOS developers on our team are some of the best I've worked with. They've demonstrated exceptional ability to work under pressure and at a fast pace.

Jim Reeves, CTO & Co-Founder of NYOUM LIMITED

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